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On-site partnerships

AARP Experience Corps Tutors

The AARP Experience Corps Tutors program at Strong pairs older adult tutors with students in grades K through 4. The tutors work one-on-one or in groups to improve students’ overall literacy and reading skills, including sight word recognition, fluency, and comprehension. In 2012-2013 for all New Haven Public Schools who hosted Experience Corps Tutors, forty percent of students tutored improved by one or more levels in treading over the course of the school year.


The ALIVE Program through The Foundation for Arts and Trauma

The ALIVE Program provides one-on-one play therapy sessions for students at Strong with a demonstrated need. These sessions help to increase positive behavior, reduce stress, and provide students with coping strategies. The program also offers group and classroom counseling for students through the “Miss Kendra Program,” as well as small group “Red Bead Club” sessions for targeted students.


Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts program at Strong provides extended learning opportunities, team building, and character development to boys in grades 1 through 4. The boys are provided mentorship by a troop leader who leads the boys in fun activities in a positive, educational setting, including games, arts and crafts, and character building lessons. Participants are also offered the opportunity to go on trips throughout the duration of programming during the year, as well as the opportunity to attend Boy Scouts summer camp.


Hill Regional Career High School Literacy Tutors

Strong School is pleased to partner with nearby Hill Regional Career High School to provide high school literacy tutors for our students. Each Career student is placed in a classroom, where he or she serves throughout a semester. Tutors focus primarily on literacy tutoring, but also provide students with tutoring in other subjects if needed. The tutors serve not simply as tutors, but also as positive role models and mentors for our students.


Girl Scouts

Each year, Girl Scouts provides girls in grades 2 through 4 with a seven-week “sample” of Girl Scouts programming.  Programming supports general teambuilding and social development among the girls, while also following a themed curriculum (for example, STEM or leadership). At the conclusion of the seven-week program, girls are offered the opportunity to join a nearby troop. The girls are also given the opportunity to participate in Girl Scout cookie sales in the spring.

Off-site partnerships

Boys and Girls Club

At the Boys and Girls Club after school program, Strong students are offered after school supervision, mentoring, activities, and homework help. Volunteers from nearby universities such as Yale and SCSU serve as tutors for students, and one-on-one mentors are available for students, as well. The after school program also provides physical activity each day in their gym and activities room. Students enrolled in the program may take a bus after school to the Boys and Girls Club site. Scholarships are available, and Care4Kids is accepted.


Farnam Neighborhood House

The after school program at Farnam Neighborhood House provides students with social, recreational, and educational activities in a supervised environment. Activities provided include homework help, arts and crafts, team sports, dance, field trips, and more. Programming runs after school from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, and care is also provided on school holidays. Students enrolled in the program may take a bus after school to the Farnam Neighborhood House site.




LEAP provides after school programming at five different sites throughout New Haven. Their program offers homework help, skill-building educational activities, arts, athletics, technology, and more. LEAP participants are also given the opportunity to join different “clubs.” Students enrolled in the program may take a bus after school to the LEAP site at which they are enrolled.



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